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About M.POS
About M.POS
M.POS Group (M.POS) is a world leading corporation in mobile point of sales and payment solutions established in 1998. M.POS is accredited to the ISO9001:2008 standard and with its system awarded with ISO/IEC27001:2013 certification. Headquartered in Hong Kong, M.POS has successfully expanded its business worldwide with regional offices distributed in Mainland China, Mexico, Columbia, Australia and etc.
Pioneering in POS terminal and solutions, M.POS focuses on:
Research and development
Manufacturing for Point-of-sales terminals
blue_bullet Distribution and operation
blue_bullet Highly secure and reliable electronic payment solutions
blue_bullet Mobile-commerce products for banking, telecommunications and other industries worldwide
blue_bullet Customized POS and VAS solutions for specific business need

Expertise and Sustainability
M.POS offers leading edge products and end-to-end solutions. Our role as an industry trendsetter thanks to our team of expertise that leveraged our knowledge and products to carve a niche. With our increasingly diverse customer base, M.POS is expanding coverage worldwide. Our deployments have paved the way for encouraging feedback from the global market.