MPOS-A60 Android POS

Mobile Android POS to empower your business

MPOS-A60 Android POS is one of the new generations of M.POS mobile terminal designed to combine traditional features and innovative web services in point-of-sale environments for sales and value-added services.

Evolved to Android 5.1 operating system, with 5.5” color touch screen, fast thermal printer, magnetic card reader, smart card reader, contactless card reader and camera (support barcode scanning), MPOS-A60 is absolutely an empowering tool to enhance retailer and user experience.

High performance, innovative POS

MPOS-A60 can accelerate business transactions in an effective and efficient manner. It offers exceptional stable performance as a retail tool.

MPOS-A60 can be integrated to M.Gate VAS platform, payment gateway or other third-party system.  Being a thoughtful device prepared for your business expansion, MPOS-A60 can be implemented easily at points of sales such as outdoor kiosk, convenience store, gas station, tax register location (VAT Raffle) and etc.



Key features

  • 1GB RAM, 8GB Flash
  • Android 5.1 OS
  • 5.5" touch screen
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, 3G, (Optional) 4G
  • Fast thermal printer
  • 3.7V 5200mAh Lithium battery
  • Built-in MSR, smart card reader and contactless card reader
  • 8M Pixel Camera (support barcode scanning)
  • Optional PCI PTS certified version