Other Products
As one of the pioneers in mobile point of sale, M.POS offers full range of POS hardware and transaction solutions for both mobile merchants and countertop operations to cater the dynamic business needs.

Highly Credited Proprietary Products
Supplying high-premium and proprietary hardware and transaction solutions in global market, M.POS’ handheld and countertop POS terminals are highly credited for their high-performance features, reliability, user friendliness and cost-effectiveness by global clients from finance and banking, telecommunication, retail and other industries.

Unrivalled Security

With security encryption which fulfills the strictest global security and communications standards, M.POS products enhance businesses to be conducted in a highly secure, efficient, error-free and convenient manner and beyond boundaries.

M.POS is customer-oriented that its products are built on scalable and customizable systems which make them ultimately flexible to meet dynamic business needs, speed up operation efficiency and maximize profit margins for different third parties, banking operators and related customers worldwide.

M.POS terminal hardware and transaction solutions are your indispensible business tools!
M.POS offers a variety of POS hardware products to different third-parties, operators in the banking sector and other industries. Below shows a list of brochures that illustrates the properties and functions of our POS hardware proprietary.