LottoMouse OMR
Highly Compatible Data Processing Gadget
LottoMouse OMR is a powerful Optical Mark Reader that combines unique optical properties and advanced optoelectronic switching techniques!

With capability of processing and analyzing large amount of data and statistics, LottoMouse OMR spans across multiple industries and disciplines such as lottery, education, election, survey and etc.
LottoMouse OMR is widely used as peripheral connecting with M.POS mobile terminals for reading marked tickets. It detects predefined areas and transfers data or information to the M.POS terminal or PC for further processing.
 • Highly practical and reliable
 • High accuracy
 • High speed processing up to 45-60 sheets per minute
User-Friendly Design
 • Simple and pragmatic
 • Flexible width design ranging between 79 mm and 210 mm
Spanning Multiple Industries and Disciplines
 • Lottery
 • Education
 • Marketing
 • Tax declaration management
 • Polls, elections and referendums
 • Recruitment
 • Surveys