MPOS-A7 Tablet POS
Catering your operational needs

As an economically-friendly solution, MPOS-A7 works with Android 4.0 platform that can cater the operational needs of ordinary consumer sales and connection to systems.

With its multi-functional support, MPOS-A7 is designed to be applicable to various industries from hospitality, transport system, retail,grocery stores and government tax register that make your business readily expandable to any future potential.

Supports various operation modes / provision of services
 • Cash register
 • Credit card payment processing
 • Utility payment processing
 • Ticket Validation
 • Loyalty program
 • Contactless e-wallet card transaction
 • Other VAS services
Features and Benefits
 • Capacitive Touch Screen
 • User-friendly interface
 • 7”TFT LCD display
 • ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz processor CPU
 • Up to 8GB NAND Flash
 • Android 4.0 platform
 • SD Card slot for data / program back-up or re-load
 • 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (Optional)
 • Camera can read 1D/2D barcode (Optional)
 • Multi-language Support (Optional)
 • WCDMA 2100 or GSM 800 /900/1800/1900 (Optional)
 • Bluetooth 4.0 (Optional)