A Comprehensive Business Suite for Excellence
To many business operators, functionality is the key consideration for their choice of business management suite. Understanding the diversified need of individual business operation, M.Gate is made flexible enough to operate on various levels of operation such as POS server, back office, regional or enterprise level environment.

Foreseeing the sustainable growth of our business operators, M.Gate allows different operation entities to function efficiently through its gateway of functions. Equipped with multi-application switching function, M.Gate has made cross-application interaction, data-communication and reporting possible.
M.Gate is a centralized platform functioning with other unique modular mobile commerce applications of M.POS such as M.Lottery, M.Recharge, M.Cash, M.Payment, M.Ticketing, M.Tax Raffle and M.Loyalty. The huge capacity has allowed our customers and operators to easily and flexibly extend their business operation to other customized solutions.

The figure below shows the conceptual diagram of our M.Gate suite:
 • Terminal Management System (TMS)
 • M.Recharge
 • M.Ticketing
 • M.Lottery
 • M.Cash
 • M.Tax Raffle
 • MicroFinance
 • Virtual ATM
 • ERP
Features and Benefits:
 • Ability to switch transactions of various types to payment acquirers, or to third parties for non-financial transactions efficiently
 • Simplifies terminal management and interface from the perspective of banking acquirers
 • Allows for delivery of multiple services to EFTPOS terminals which makes operation procedures and data easy to manage
 • Provides with TMS (Terminal Management System), a sophisticated terminal application management, including remote download
 • Data Encipherment to enable data encryption and decryption
 • Customized Solutions for business-specific requirements