Terminal Management System (TMS)
Your Centralized Manager for Operation efficiency
Fully integrated with the M.Gate switch, the M.POS Terminal Management System (TMS) ensures that terminals are notified and respond to parameter or software changes whenever they go online. TMS is a sophisticated terminal application management, including remote download. Allowing control of specific parameters for each terminal at a central system, the TMS is an essential solution for efficient operation.
 • Wirelessly update parameters and downloading software cost-effectively, i.e. Remote Download
 • Simplifies terminal management and interface from the perspective of banking acquirers
 • Initializes terminals, updates parameters and download software automatically
 • Remote download that allows over-the-air terminal updates and ensure remote terminal and software management anytime, anywhere
 • Assigns security access right to different level of users
 • Allows operators to view, manage, modify and create databases
 • Monitors entire terminal system and let operators view the status of all information from anywhere