A Comprehensive First-class Prepaid Management Solution
M.Gate also allows operation upgrade with M.Recharge, a comprehensive prepaid management and replenishment system, consisting of two major components - Electronic Voucher Distribution and Topup. It enables users of prepaid services to purchase value-added-service from retailers equipped with M.POS terminal.
M.Recharge assumes full control over the end-to-end invoicing and payment process, including reconciliation of payments with customer orders and invoice during the fulfillment process. The system functionality allows for a full audit trail, financial accountancy, voucher control and sales control, making this a first-class voucher management solution.
 • Support different PIN-based prepaid product
Airtime, IDD, Internet, Online Game, Electricity
 • User-friendly web-based management & user interface
 • Supports multiple language and characters
 • Multiple wholesalers with multiple dealers
 • Zero stock requirement
 • Improved cash flow
 • Get up-to-date information on sales in real-time
 • Improves sales-tracking
 • Provides detailed reporting functions, fully auditable
 • Create employment (Self-employed merchant)
To Operators or Distributors:
 • Eliminates physical distribution, transportation costs
 • Eliminates voucher printing costs
 • Web-based management and user friendly interfaces for easy management
 • Gets up-to-date information on sales in real-time
 • Provides detailed reporting functions, fully auditable
 • Improves sales tracking
 • Allows to link to multiple service providers
ʥ Tracks the purchase habits of subscribers more effectively preferred location and airtime value
 • Eliminates the risk of theft
 • Eliminates Stock Out and Excess Stock
 • Continuously extends value-added service, product range
 • Allows sales mobility
 • Improves cash flow