An Auditable, traceable, secured system for mobile Ticketing!
Designed for ticket-selling in different businesses, M.Ticketing is a comprehensive ticketing and replenishment system. With M.Ticketing, all sales records are fully auditable and traceable. Most important of all, security is provided at all levels which make fraud virtually impossible.
Highly secured and manageable
 • Fully auditable with detailed reporting functions
 • Instant tracking on ticket sales online and eliminate fraud
 • Highly Secure: Unique Identifier (UID), Digital signature, Transaction Ref. No., Barcode, Time & Date, Trace No. and Terminal ID
Highly sustainable with multi-functions
 • Easy to adapt to Value-Added-Service for additional income stream
 • Web-based management and user interfaces
 • Allows sales mobility and collection of statistics information
 • Capacity to continuously extend functionality and services
 • Supports multi-language
 • Advertising function
 • Applicable for a wide range of industry: 
  • bus, coach, ferry, railway or subway
  • Restaurant or cafeteria

  • Sports stadium, tour sites, theater         
  • Mobile Queuing System
  • Car Park Ticketing

The M.Ticketing solution saves labor of issuing ticket and accounting cashier during rush hours, it also reduces the overall cost of distribution by eliminating fraud of the staffs pocket the cash.