Ways to Efficient, Secure transaction and increase turnover!
Efficiency and safety are essential to perform a smooth payment transaction. Catering to the need of individual operators or retailers, M.Payment can offer optimized solutions to make online electronic transactions secure, fast and efficient.
What’s more, M.Payment allows you to keep track on every payment transaction (by cash / credit card / debit card / payment card) and optimize your operation management
 • On-the-spot payment in front of customers, customers can keep an eye on their cards to avoid card fraud
 • Improve restaurant & shop image
 • Lower data communication cost (i.e. GPRS vs. Landline)
 • Mobility, anytime, anywhere (Taxi, Bus, Train, Delivery, Road Show, Kiosk, Tour operators)
 • Suitable for temporary sales location for special events, exhibition, side walk sales, etc.
 • Mobile electronic trading to increase business opportunities and profits.
 • Facilitate goods distribution and reduce the amount of cash carried in delivery service
 • Value-Added-Services to increase revenue steam