A Fully Functional Lottery & Game Management Tool
M.Lottery is a proprietary e-gaming solution offered by eGame Solutions (www.egame-solutions.com) - a lottery & gaming solutions specialist. M.Lottery a fully functional lottery system serving as an on-line ticketing and game management tool that runs on secure, reliable, high-performance server hardware systems to enhance data integrity.
 • Comprehensively support a full range of game modules:
- Lotto Game (6/49, 6/36, 6/26, 5/90, 5/50, etc…)

- Digit Game (Chance, 3-Digit, 4-Digit, 5-Digit, etc…)
- Instant Game, Scratch Card
- Totalizator, Sports Betting
- Online Bingo
- Sweepstakes, Raffle
- SMS, Mobile Betting
- Keno
 • Highly configurable, customized and easy to operate
 • High security that complies with international banking standard
 • Highly flexible, integrate with different ERP, financial, third party backend system
 • Easily extendable
 • Able to store all transactions in relational database to ensure no failure
 • User Management, Game Management and Terminal & Accessories Management
 • Provision of a suite of game management, reporting, map data, dashboard and analytical tools allowing lotteries to control and manage the full spectrum in the lottery system
 • Multi-currency, Multi-jurisdictional, Multi-operational platform
 • Strong technical capability, experience and expertise in the Value Added Services platforms and mobile solutions to develop a complete end-to-end lottery system
 • Optional Risk Management Module
 • Optional GPS tracking system & Mapping Dashboards