An ideal market-demand prepaid solution for diversified operation!
With the increasing use of value-added services in business transactions, M.Cash is produced as a proprietary prepaid card and electronic payment system to enable fast, secure and effective business operation for customers.
M.Cash is a customized solution that is applicable to various industries such as retail, transportation, airtime sales, loyalty schemes and etc.
As a state-of-the-art solution for cashless micropayment operation, M.Cash is equipped with the most stringent security and flexible infrastructure that suits your business need.
tick Comprised with international banking standard
tick Supports Smartcard, Contactless Card, Prepaid card, Stored Value Card, NFC
tick Supports card-less biometric payment option (pay by touch) facilitated by M.POS proprietary fingerprint terminal
tick Extendible capacity with additional hardware upon increasing transaction volume (e.g. Value-Added Service for future expansion, additional income stream from Banking and Non-banking application)
tick Highly flexible to integrate with different ERP, Financial system, third-party backend system
  Online & offline transaction
  • Card status alteration system (Inactive, Active, Blocked/blacklisted, Termination)
  • Card history record (Card log)
  • Top-up
  • Balance update
  • Redemption
  • Settlement

  • Transaction reconciliation system
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Reporting
tick Cashless Shopping (Supermarkets, retail, department stores, fast food, drive-thru, restaurants,
vending machine, post office, further phase: personalized or membership)
tick Expandable for Identification, Authentication and Data Storage
  • Lottery & gaming account
  • Student Card
  • Residential access & stored value
  • Parking meters & car parks
  • Service Station
  • Governmental department
tick Minimal human intervention and prevent human errors
tick Allows efficient transaction
  • Fast, tap & go, 1 second transaction time
tick Convenient cashless shopping prevents fraud and fake money note
tick Linkable to multiple service providers
  • e.g. mobile phones and transport card can be topped up while paying for purchase