M.Tax Raffle
An Innovative total-solution for Tax Monitoring!
M.Tax Raffle is an innovative system for Value Added Tax (VAT) monitoring integrated with Raffle feature. With regard to the current VAT offline cash register having no audit trail or centralized control, tax evasion is common among consumers who do not ask for a sales receipt. Addressing to the issue, the M.Tax Raffle is a solution to efficient and manageable VAT collection.
Specialized as a total-solution online cash register system for VAT tax, M.Tax Raffle is featured with:
 • Total-Solution, Backend system to Frontend terminal
 • VAT Tax computation, pre-defined features in the cash register software
 • Consumer will get a Sales VAT Receipt which is also a Raffle Ticket
 • High Security, fully functional and highly scalable
 • Online transaction using TCP/IP via GPRS or LAN
 • Provision of cross-application interaction, reporting and delivery of multiple services
 • Switches various transactions to payment acquirers or to third parties for non-financial transactions efficiently
 • Acceptance of card payment
 • Highly flexible – Integrated with Third party, ERP system
- Seamless integration
- ERP based Tax System
- End-to-end operational process
- Automation of Financial Function, Reporting, Accounting, Invoicing to Retailer / VAT Payer
Highly flexible:
 • Integrated with Third party, ERP partners (Microsoft, SAP) which allows operation management to optimize efficiency
Increase sales and profit
 • Every sales receipt is worth for a Raffle Ticket. Consumers are expected to actively ask for receipts and retails cannot evade VAT. Most important of all, on-going Raffle is expected to attract sales and generate profitable outcome.