Virtual ATM
An Essential Cost-saving Option for Investors!
Regarding the physical constraints or high cost that developing countries or rural regions may face, M.POS offers the Virtual ATM as an ideal solution to improve access of financial services to sustain flexible financial services to population of these sectors.
 • Able to perform essential ATM functions, such as transfer, payment, deposit & withdrawal.
 • Customers can draw cash from the retailer via M.POS terminal with their bank cards
 • When merchant pay customer cash, the money will be transferred from the Customer’s to the Merchant’s bank account
Benefits to Bank
tick Save money from installing traditional ATM and Bank Branches
tick Increase customer base, more locations for access ATM service
Benefits to Merchant
tick Provide additional services, attract more customers
tick Earn service fee from Bank or Customer
tick Reduce total amount of cash kept in Shop
tick Receive commission and incentive from Value Added Service
Benefits to Customer
tick Easy access to bank facility
tick Pay lower transaction fee