Customized Solutions
Innovative Customer-driven and Tailor-made Solutions
Given every business is a unique, M.POS offer a full range of customized solution services that can be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business, helping you to develop and implement your solution quickly, cost-effectively and successfully.
By leveraging our extensive expertise and technical knowledge, we help you to customize your application to fit your specific requirements, whereas remain flexible to keep up with changing technologies. Our technical professionals help you through project development divided into the following steps:
Evaluation and Planning:
Your business needs are addressed and a solution is defined. M.POS team works closely with you to understand your business structure and offer the most logical and efficient requirement, including evaluation of cost, resource and delivery schedule.
Our technical team delivers full-scale implementation of your application design as defined in the Evaluation and Planning stage.  We will oversee all technical aspects and ensure timely project implementation through effective resources allocation.
We will arrange comprehensive training sessions to make sure you can put the new solutions into practice efficiently. Full system functionality and documentation are examined and tested.
Technical Support:
We provide full support to make your system running smooth. Our technical team has the experience and expertise to develop and maintain your customized solution.