Virtual Server
Dynamic and Flexible data center in your hand!
Other than equipping a physical server which requires substantial investment in hardware, software and maintenance, M.POS offers an off-the-shelf Virtual Server in the form of managed services for customers and operators. M.POS Virtual Server is ideally suitable for small, medium sized, or operators established at initial stage.
High performance:
 • Technical support of multiple IP destinations that prevents malfunction of operation
 • Design for failover with an independent backup internet connection
  High level HA of hardware architecture to maintain normal operation and reduce risk of physical hardware failure
 • Investment in IT resources and personnel substantially minimized with an all-in-one virtual server to manage your daily operation database
 • Anti-DDos against DDos attacks to filter massive traffic and ensure healthy packets forwarded to destination
 • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Standard that complied with international banking standard to ensure high security protection of customers’ data
 • Operates on professional Internet Data Center (IDC)
Our Virtual Server operates on IDC which is equipped with the powerful enterprise-grade Cisco firewalls and Cisco LMS to assure network performance and support key management, data encryption and integration
 • IDC support of diversified international links to ensure functionality of servers worldwide
 • Assured SLA exceeding 99.9% uptime with high security world-class data running on 24/7 basis
Highly flexible:
 • Professional VMware virtualization technology with design for teleportation
 • Interconnected structure among hardware servers, storages firewalls, switches and network equipment that allow flexible management of operation database
 • Flexible configuration to diversified business requirements According to the number of terminals, number of transactions or number of concurrent users supported, different Virtual Server service plans, options and charging schemes are available to suit individual's need, giving you the greatest business flexibility for expenditure and budget planning.
With our ready-to-go flexible Virtual Server, you can foresee development or extension to a wide range of business operation with ease and most important of all, high-security protection. Virtual Server of such is undoubtedly a reliable and efficient option for your business operation.